Vagabond Air gearing up.  Photo by R. Quick








Here are some bookmarks that I think are high quality in their respective areas.


I am an avid gamer on primarily one platform, which is the Xbox 360. My gamertag is vagabond9.


This site is a great resource for reviews and news about what is happening in the gaming world. Their podcast "The Bombcast" is hands-down the best around. I have been listening to these guys for years (even pre-giantbomb).


Metacritic is a valuable resource for finding reviews from every major game review site, also don't miss the user reviews.


I don't get out as much as I used to, but to keep up on what is going on in the cycling world I use the following sites and podcasts.

Two Johns Podcast

These guys are great and their collective podcasts are a great resource of cycling info, racing news, interviews, and repair tips.

Sheldon Brown

What can you say? He was the cycle guru of his time and his site is horrible to navigate and to look at, but it is bar none the best site for learning about every aspect of the bicycle. A must have bookmark for bike builders.


I could go on forever with all of the different sites I use on a daily basis for all the different operating systems I run and all the devices I collect.

Android Forums

If you have an android phone or tablet you may find answers to your questions or find a solution to your troubleshooting needs.


What every web developer should already know about. Huge directory of tools, plug-ins, and utilities for the web developer.

Digital Planet

[BBC Podcast] This podcast is about how technology affect our daily life.

Ellyssa Kroski

Librarian and web 2.0 guru, she wrote the book on using web 2.0 for info pros and librarians.

Hacker News

Learn and read about what is going on in the realm of web development and start-ups.


A great site that is overflowing with info and how-tos for the technologically interested.

Linux Mint

Another great open source linux operating system. I am using Linux Mint 10 on a HP laptop.


[BBC Podcast] "Exploring the frontiers of the web" is how they decribe the podcast. This podcast is an excellent way to keep abreast of what is happening now in technology and on the web.


A great open source operating system that will be refreshing if you have been on windows or mac os too long. Give it a try, linux is accessible.

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