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Biel, Dr. Gary - Psychology

Chastain, Patricia - Spanish

Comuzzie, Dr. Diana - Science & Math

Crandall, Dr. Donald - Music

Ellers, Dr. Steven - Political Science

Feltz, Dr. Adam - Philosophy & IDST

Huddleston, Dr. John - History/Liberal Arts

Hudson, Dr. Kathleen - Liberal Arts

Kampfhenkel, Denise - Nursing


Miller, Kiley P. - Science & Math
Quick, Rexford - M.L.I.S. Digital Services Librarian

Schmidt, Sara - Reference Librarian

Shaw, Barry - Exercise Science

Stevens, Dr. Fred - Biology/Biochemistry

Sullivan, Dr. Claudia - Liberal Arts

Wells, Dr. Tom  - Science & Math

Woods Dr. William - English/Communication

Woodhull, Dr. Mark  - Business